Monday, September 24, 2007

Downtown lady

I stayed downtown last weekend at a friend's while looking for a new place to live down there, and stumbled upon this bike locked to a post. It was there when I was coming back late at night, and the next morning, it was still there.

Who is she? Did she chain it up and then head to a party somewhere, getting too drunk to hop on it and head home when it was all over? Does she live nearby and that's just where she parks it? Is she even four years old? Do her parents not suggest that she bring it in? Is she living in a studio apt alone, trying to make ends meet while she deals with the sense of freedom and fear that comes with legal emancipation from one's parents?

a walk to Trout Lake

Are you, like, going to wear those ?

Keith Urban

I'll be honest. I didn't really know what I was in for. My friend Garrett loves him, but he's more than a little bit country. I based my assumptions on KU's outrageously womanly hairstyle and colour-job...and was trepidatious. Garrett generally has great taste in music and has not let me down yet, but let's just say I was wary.

He was great. It was a super show. He is a talented fellow, not so country that anyone would be put out and he is way more attractive in person. Really genuine, charismatic and an all-round showman. Nicole Kidman is a lucky lady.

Added benefit - the crowd loooooooooooooooooooooved him. Like, loved him. I was unfamiliar with his music, but enjoyed what I heard. They were ridiculous for him.

Added benefit #2 - there were confetti explosions at the end of the show.

What's not to love ?

This chick took about 4000 photos during the show, which... whatever.

Thing is, every time she took a snap, she would elbow her friend to her left, who was watching the very same concert, and show her the snap on her camera screen. Her friend didn't seem to mind, which blew me away. I would have fed her her cowgirl hat in a hurry.

I'm nosy and wanted to see what she was taking pictures of, so found this whole interaction a distraction, even though 3997 of the shots were swoony close-ups of Miss Urban's dreamy face from the hi-def screen behind the stage. Good strumming material for her, I guess.

It made me long for an analog time when we weren't nostalgic for the events of two seconds past.
'Hey, remember when I just took that picture? GT's yo!'

The woman to Garrett's right totally loved him.

super tired of this civic strike

How proud are you now, Mayor Sam Sullivan ? Is this what ecodensity looks like to you ?

In typical style, the west side of the city seems unaffected, while the east side ( my side ) marinates in a garbage-y stew. Thankfully, my rental agreement includes garbage collection, but for those who do not have that service....well, it appears throwing it into the street is a viable option.

We're at day 60-something.

It stinks.
It really really stinks.

Not to mention those who have been without an income save for measly strike pay for the duration of this shit show.

It's not all doom and gloom, though, because down the street from my house, tucked among the refuse was this little gem. Somebody threw this out ? Look at these little angels!

I went down to the park for a stroll and when I returned, it was gone. I'm done dragging shit home from alleyways, anyway, but I'm glad someone saw its value.