Monday, June 4, 2007

rama rama hare hare

I have never failed to be mesmerized by the Hare Krishna gatherings every summer at 2nd beach. I think it's Labour Day-ish weekend. I happened upon it the first time I went to one.

I had just come from a counter-rally to a rally against gay marriage in 2003. It was awful. Police moved me from Robson Street where I was standing holding a sign that said 'EQUAL'. They said they were doing it for my own protection. The anti-gay marriage protesters were, unsurprisingly, horrible. My overwhelming sense of them was as dim-witted automatons doing someone else's bidding.

But I'm biased.

Anyway, we left from there, voices exhausted from shouting, and headed to English Bay, bumping into the Krishna gathering. Seriously soul-soothing. Some dancing, some tambourine, some drums, some sunshine, some food, some colours. It was a spectacular contrast to the rally and turned the day upside down.

I loved the idea of killing in, murderous vegetables. Seriously, what about them ?

Everyone should go.

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